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"Business is a good game ― lots of competition and a minimum of rules.
You keep score with money."

Nolan Bushnell

In life, we play a lot of games.  Some are truly games that have rules and you keep score by earning points. Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) said Business is a good game ― lots of competition and a minimum of rules. You keep score with money."

How much more fun is that scoring system?  With the internet and online opportunities, it is easier than ever for an individual to get into business. Wouldn't you like to play a game with the potential of becoming rich?  In the past only professional athletes got rich playing games.  Now you can too.

You can buy products to resell. You can create service businesses online that rival the appearance of the huge companies.  The business opportunities in your community problem exceed what you would ever dream of.  The key is to look for them.  It is hard to find anything you are not looking for.

So, let's play games!




Ask Seek Knock
Make A Difference
If You Think You Can
Run Your Day
Do Your Best
Follow A New Path
Stop Signs & Guidelines
Improve Your Tomorrows
Conquer Fear - Get Busy
Do Something
Pass Failure To Success
What Matters
Change Your Thoughts
Never Quit
Profit From Mistakes
Resolve To Succeed
Get Up
Key To Success
Secret of Success
Working Dreams
Life's An Experiment
Nature's Secret
Drop By Drop
Technology Is Magic
Best Friends
Life Is Worth Living
Experience & Mistakes
Use Experience Wisely
Other's Errors
Lasting & Consistent Effort
Goals Control Direction
Affirmation & Discipline
Opportunity Here Now
Do The Thing You Fear
Size Of The Dog
Don't Waste An Hour
Business Is A Game