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"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now."

Napoleon Hill

Many people look for success in many places.  They try different things, never settling on one idea.  They look for that golden opportunity in get rich schemes and promises of riches from multilevel market companies. 

Are you also looking for your big break?  Napoleon Hill, said, "Your big opportunity may be right where you are now."  Could it be that something you already know and are good at is your ticket to wealth.  Is it possible that your current job holds promise for bigger and better things if only you would look into it more deeply? 

"The grass looks green on the other side" is a saying most of have heard all of our lives.  If you cultivated your own yard, could your "grass" grow greener also?  Maybe you could take a college level class, or attend a trade school to sharpen your skills. 

Before you go looking for opportunities elsewhere, take a careful look around you.  Your road to success and happiness may already be in your own neighborhood, in your own town.  Even in the hardest times there are opportunities if only you will search for them.





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