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Since I'm a senior citizen now, a lot of the quotes I like come from people who started years ago.
 Og Mandino is one of those people and a quote of his I like is, "Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later."

Even if you are not the top of you class, not the athlete of the day or best homemaker ever you can still do your best.  Each day you do your best, you are planting the seeds for a future harvest.

Quality work day after day will reward you in the future.  It may not come from the boss you are working for now, it may come from a company you start years from now.  Because you are in the habit of providing top level output today, the habit carries forward through the months and years ahead.

How excited could you be a year or 10 years from today if you achieved the goal of your dreams? Would it be because of sloppy planning and careless work ethics or would it be because you gave your best to get somewhere others miss. 

Truly, the seeds you plant now will yield a harvest.  The crop is your choice.  Do your best and the harvest will be bountiful.  Just plod among moving with the mediocre crowd and your rewards won't match your dreams.




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