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"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned" Peter Marshall

WOW! That is really something to think about.  I am posting a quote a day on this site.  Even this is a small deed done.  It sure is much better than the sites I am planning or have been planning for a long time and have never seen a word touch "paper". 

How many small things and great things do you have "planned"?  How long have they been planned for.  Planning without action is called procrastination.

Today I purchased a time management ebook, "15 Minute Marketer" by Jenn Dize, an Internet Marketer.  Her premise is that you can accomplish a lot in 15 minute increments.  Small pieces of a big puzzle put together to create a whole, 15 minutes at a time.

Clutter specialist tell people to pick one two things then pick up a couple more. De-clutter in small increments. The cluttered plans to clean up but never does. When a clutter specialist teaches them to do small amounts at a time, clutter starts disappearing.

Here is one that can make you a millionaire.  I first heard this from motivational speaker Brian Tracey.  It is the small deed of saving just $100 a month.  Invest this money at a 10%, compounded monthly rate for 45 years.  This means starting at age 20 and continuing until you retire at 65. At 65 you will have accumulated one million dollars in saving and investments.

No, that one million will not be worth as much as it is today, but it will still be a lot of money.

Little things, big accomplishments.  Simple small deeds compounded over a week, a month or a lifetime can make you famous.




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