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"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."

Leo Buscaglia

Today, Aug 12, 2011 is my wife's and my 45th wedding anniversary, so I have two quotes today. I attribute our 45 loving years of marriage to our being best friends.  Love is wonderful, sex is very nice, but have a best friend can last a lifetime.

With that introduction, the quote for today is by Leo Buscaglia,
"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."  How good is it when your single rose is also your single friend? 

In an age when stress is rampant with foreclosures, layoffs, deficits, and the world condition in general, how important is it to have a safe haven where you can escape it all.  A best friend is that type of haven.  When that best friend is your spouse how much better is that? 

My second quote is by an unknown author.  I looked it up on Google, but the only author I can find is myself. 
"Being married to you means my best friend is always there".

Here is a forum post I made back in 2009:

I think that the key to a loving and lasting relationship is
being best friends. Who in the world would you rather spend time
with than your best friend? When your best friend is your
spouse, you have all it takes to enjoy a blissful

Years ago my wife and I found a saying that fits us perfectly,
"Being married to you means my best friend is always there".

I would rather spend time with my wife more than any other
person in the world.

Since 1995, when I got downsized, we have had our own business
and have worked and been together close to 24/7. GREAT! Imagine
spending that much time with your best friend. Neither of us
functions as well when the other is away.

We have been married 42 years and are still going strong!
Best Friends!





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