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James Dean said, “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” I hope he dreamed as big as his career was taking him.  The car crash than ended his life made this quote very real.

As we leave childhood and move on with our lives, our dreams seem to be left behind.  Oh there may be a lot of wishful thinking but the real dreams wither and die.  Yes, we may think about winning the lottery and living the easy life.  However as a child we would have planned out every detail of winning and made it almost real. 

Maybe we should take on our childish exuberance and dream the dreams of giants.  Take our dreams and plans to new heights and try to accomplish them.

As to living as if we will die today, James Dean died in a Porche.  He appeared to be living as if he would die that day. 

What about you and me?  Are we living to our fullest?  Do we give our best each day, as if it is our last day on earth? 

Did you say, "I love you" to someone you care about?  Did you let your wife or husband, your child or friend or your parents know how important they are to you. 

What about the things in your life?  Are you putting off that vacation until the time is right?  Would taking time off from work even for a couple days add to the pleasure you get from life.

Do you dwell on your problems more than your achievements? Maybe it is time to dream bigger and live life as if this was the last day we had to make our mark on the world.

My wife and I have a saying, “Think Susan”.  It refers to a friend who died fairly quickly after discovering she had a cancerous brain tumor.  She was in her late 40s, not an old woman.  She died long before those who knew and loved her wanted. 

“Think Susan” means that we never know what tomorrow will bring, so we need to live today as if we will die tomorrow (slight change to James Dean’s quote).  We need to give it our all right now since there is no guarantee as to how long we will have to accomplish our dreams.

Finally, this is expressed very nicely in the Tim McGraw song, "Live Like You Were Dying".






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